4 Advertising Tips to Attract Tenants to Your York Rental Property

Your job as a landlord is not limited to rent collection.

In fact, you also have to take on the roles of maintenance worker, customer service representative, inspector, and even property marketer.

Knowing how to advertise your vacant rental property may not be something that you are good at. Perhaps this part of owning rental property doesn’t even interest you.

But it has to be done.

Luckily, if you are struggling to find effective ways to advertise your York, PA investment property, you are in the right place.

We have some of the most essential tips all landlords, and their respective property management companies, should learn so that rentals don’t stay vacant for too long, and of course, have only the best tenants possible living in them.

Top Tips for Marketing Your Rental Property

1. Consider Your Timing

Consider the Timing of Advertising Your Vacant York Rental

Don’t make the mistake of advertising your rental property after your current tenants leave and the property is vacant. Doing so will cost you some serious money in terms of vacancy.

You know exactly when your old tenant is moving out, so you can time your advertising just right.

Start advertising 4-6 weeks prior to your rental becoming empty. This gives prospective tenants enough notice to wrap things up in their current place, and move into your rental without problems.

This also is just far enough in the future, but not too far, to ensure that your new tenants won’t have trouble committing to a lease agreement.

Just make sure you give your current tenants plenty of notice if you decide to show the property while they are still living in it to avoid legal issues.


2. Utilize Multiple Marketing Platforms

If you are using a reliable York property management company to help you advertise your rental, this should be a no-brainer.

In fact, one of the appeals of employing a property manager is the help you receive in advertising vacant properties and attracting new tenants.

This means advertising across multiple platforms.

Here are some of the best ways you and your property manager can promote your investment property and draw interest from a large tenant pool:

  • Newspaper Ads. Though the newspaper is seemingly obsolete, there are still people that enjoy reading it. Don’t alienate a portion of your potential tenant pool just because you don’t read the paper. Print advertising is still alive and well, and can still garner you high quality tenants.
  • Yard Signs. This method alone is not likely to attract a ton of tenants, but it has been known to work in tandem with other advertising strategies. Place cheap signs in your yard (in case they are stolen) with information about how to get in contact with you should anyone be interested in leasing your property.
  • Online Sources. Your York property management company should have access to several online resources for advertising your rental property, such as: Zillow, Hotpads, MLS, and even their own website. And, if you are self-managing your property, you can always take advantage of rental directories or Craigslist.

There are plenty of ways you can get the word out that your property is vacant and in need of new tenants. Make use of all of them to get the best results and have the biggest pool of potential tenants to choose from.


3. Become an Expert in Ad Creation

Become an Expert at Ad Creation For Your Vacant York Rental Property

In order to attract new tenants to your rental property, you need to understand what makes a good property ad so that you entice people to check it out, and eventually sign a lease with you.

Here are some ways you and your property manager can work together to create the best ad possible for your York rental property:

  • Add Details. Tenants want to know what sets your property apart from all of the competition. If it includes brand new, energy efficient appliances, say so, along with anything else that makes your rental stand out.
  • Include the Rent Rate. People want to know ahead of time whether they can afford your rental before reaching out and contacting you. Include the rent price to weed out those that don’t want to pay what you are asking, and give those that are interested something to compare it to while they shop around for a new home.
  • Have an Address and a Map. Knowing which part of York your rental is in makes a big difference to many prospective tenants. Plus, people want to learn before jumping in to lease agreement talk what is around the rental in terms of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Include your rental’s address and even consider adding a map to make things easier on interested tenants.
  • Add Contact Information. Your prospective tenants need to know exactly where to find you or your property management company.
  • Don’t Forget the Photos. No rental property ad is complete without high quality images. Again, prospective tenants want to have an idea of what your property looks like before wasting their time (and yours) inquiring about a property they would have never thought twice about, had they known beforehand what it looked like.
  • Use Keywords. This is especially important if your vacant property is being listed online. Think about what people are searching for when they need a place to rent. Make sure to include adjectives that describe your property accurately, and any keywords that may draw attention to your ad over others people may find.

If you are feeling extra techie and want to include video footage, or even better a virtual tour, of your rental, include it. Anything to make your ad look professional and appealing is going to help you draw more tenants.


4. Use Social Media

Use Social Media to Advertise Your Vacant York Rental Property

Social media is a great place to advertise your vacant rental because it has such a far reach.

In fact, you can start by using your friends and family to spread the news that your property is available.

Here is a rundown of some of the most popular social media networks that can aid your marketing efforts:

  • Facebook is great because you can use your friends and family to share your rental ad with everyone they know. And, since native video use is at an all-time high, if you have video footage of your property, you can expect a lot of people to see it within a short amount of time.
  • This real time platform is perfect for getting information out to a large group of people instantly. Just be sure to include a stunning image of your property to grab people’s attention as well as contact information if you don’t link it back to an original ad.
  • This social media network is known for having professional, reliable, and employed people on it. This means high quality tenants interested in your property are bound to come from here. Again, include all of your rental’s information if you don’t provide access to an external ad.
  • For those wanting to provide video content, YouTube is the perfect channel. Many people relate to video content and can imagine themselves living in your property with the right footage. Just remember to include appropriate keywords so those searching video content come across yours in their search results.

Lastly, many social media platforms allow you to include custom advertisements in posts. This option may work well if you have multiple properties that you want to advertise on a regular basis.


In Closing

Advertising your vacant rental property and attracting the right kind of tenants is crucial to your success as a property owner. After all, you don’t make any money if your rental is unoccupied. In fact, you are losing money if your property sits empty for any length of time.

Take advantage of the above-mentioned tips, and enlist the help of your favorite York, PA property management company to fine-tune your marketing efforts and create attention-grabbing ads that will draw the right kind of interest.

And, if you find yourself needing help with other property-related tasks such as turnkey services (painting, cleaning, and lock changes), tenant screening, and lease drafting, contact York H-G Properties today to help you manage your rental and keep it occupied for as long as possible.

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