Benefits of Using a Property Management Company

So, you purchased another property to supplement your income by renting it out.

Except, you didn’t bargain for those “less than ideal” tenants and all of the time you have had to spend away from your family taking care of the problems that arise.

It’s not only affecting your personal happiness, but also your overall health because of the additional stress.

It may be time to consider reaching out to a reputable property management company.


Top Reasons Investment Property Owners Use a Property Management Company in York, PA

tenant contacting York property management companyA point of contact for your tenants.

Instead of your tenants reaching out to you in the event that they have a question or a maintenance issue that needs to be taken care of, they will reach out to the property management company.

Anytime an issue arises, tenants have a point of contact in the property management company and the property management company employs their own professional staff (including maintenance) to take care of those issues.


Ensure state and federal regulations are being met.

The property management company keeps up to date with the federal regulations as well as the regulations set forth by the state your property is in. They make sure all of tenant/landlord requirements and responsibilities are being met.


Thorough screening process of potential tenants.

While you may be new to york tenant screening processscreening potential clients, property management companies employ professionals with years of experience.

They know what questions to ask and how to figure what kind of tenants a person will be.


Property management services are tax-deductible.

Landlords are able to claim any professional services that are used to maintain their investment on their taxes.

Keeping records of all invoices or statements that are sent to you by your property management company allows you to claim the entire cost of services used.


calendar with property management reminderEnsure rent is paid on time.

Property management companies will enforce leasing policies including if a tenant does not pay their rent on time.

In the event a tenant is late with rent, the property management company will take the necessary legal actions to evict the tenant.


Spend less time worrying and more time doing what you enjoy.

The everyday worry and stress that comes with managing a rental property will no longer be a factor in your daily life.

While the property management company handles the day-to-day tasks associated with your rental properties, you can get back to the things you actually enjoy doing.


There are so many great advantages to using a property management company to handle your rentals that the benefits really outweigh the disadvantages.

While hiring a property management company will impact your income on the rental property, owners have discovered that hiring a company that has experience in these areas lead to a greater overall return on their investment. For example, property management companies know fair market values associated with rental homes in the area and will make sure you are charging the correct amount.

With experience also comes the ability to keep tenants happy, which leads to longer-term tenants and more overall income.

If you want to discuss your options as an owner of a rental property, our excellent and experienced team at York H-G Properties, LLC would be happy to help!

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