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60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Monthly Financial Statements & Updates

Monthly Financial Statements & Updates

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Do you need a tenant for your York rental property?
We can help. On average, we can place a quality tenant in your rental property within 30 days. Our tenant screening process ensures we place the best tenant for your property.

Our tenant placing services is priced competitively. Most property management companies in York, PA charge a 100% tenant placing fee, which equates to one month’s rent…
but at York H-G we only charge 50%.

Are you stuck with a house that you can’t sell?
We understand selling a home can be a frustrating process. Many of our clients were in the same situation. There are many tax and income benefits to renting your home.

We can easily rent your home typically within 30 days or less. We manage everything from finding a tenant, maintenance, collecting rent and evictions.

When you’re ready to sell your house, we can list and sell your property as well.


Your Trusted Experts for Property Management in York, PA

We are an award-winning team of enthusiastic professionals, bringing nothing less than stellar service to property owners just like you. With 20+ years of experience in property management, we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Owning an investment property can be an exciting and lucrative investment with the right property management team working for you. York H-G Properties is YOUR team, helping you build your net worth by increasing your rental income, reducing your operating expenses and over all maximizing your Net Operating Income!

We can help whether you need property management in York, PA or surrounding areas like Red Lion, Dover, Harrisburg, Lancaster, or surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.

Our Property Management Services


Rent Collection

One of the pains of self-managing your investment properties is chasing tenants for rent. That is why with our property management services, we have reliable systems in place to ensure your tenants pay on time every month.


Tenant Screening

Within 30 days or less, we market your property, screen tenants and place the best tenant for your property. Our thorough tenant screening process includes background checks, credit checks, and verification of employment and rental history.



Although we do our best to keep tenants happy, sometimes evictions are necessary. The great benefit with our property management, is that you don’t have to worry about evictions. We handle the entire process for you. We handle all eviction and court proceedings according to Pennsylvania law.

Property Management Accounting

Property Management Accounting

Cash flow is important for your investment property. That is why we provide you each month with a detailed breakdown of income, expenses and cash flow. We like to sit down with you weekly or monthly to go over your statements so you know exactly what is going on with your property.


Getting Your Property Rented

Each month your property is not rented, you are losing money. To quickly rent your property we market your property in a variety of online sources such as Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, MLS, Craigslist, our own website and dozens of other sources.

We handle all inquiries from prospective tenants and send them through our screening process to select high-quality tenants for your property. With our property management in York, PA, we oversee lease signing and move-ins using lease documents designed to help protect you


Property Management & Maintenance

Your property is your investment and we know how important it is to maintain your property so that it retains and increases its value over time. We handle everything from painting, cleaning, changing locks, and general repairs.

We promptly handle all maintenance requests from tenants. We are on call 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to handle emergency property maintenance and requests.

With our York property management services, we inspect your property and provide you with the best, most cost effective maintenance solutions to maximize your cash flow.

We know that the better we maintain your property, the happier your tenants, the longer your tenants stay and tend to live in your property with care.

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Why Owners Choose Our Property Management Service

We Keep Your Tenants Happy

From our 20+ years of experience, we know that happy tenants tend to pay on time, take care of your property and rent from you longer. That is why we focus on responding to maintenance requests quickly and addressing tenants concerns. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Clear & Transparent Communication

We pride ourselves on keeping you updated with the latest information about your property. We like to meet with you on a weekly or monthly basis to go over financial statements for your property, maintenance and any concerns.

With our property management, you are never left in the dark about what is going on. When you contact us, we promise that our property manager will get back to you within 24 hours.

Our Property Management Maximizes Your ROI

Accounting is one of our core services. Our detailed financial statements that you receive on a monthly basis, will show you income, expenses and cashflow. For maintenance we always provide the best cost effective solution that maximizes your return and meets your property investment goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What monthly services are included?

  • Free advertising with a variety of online sources such as Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, MLS, Craigslist, our, and dozens of other sources.
  • Turn key services including: painting, cleaning, changing locks, and general repairs
  • Oversee lease signing and move-ins using lease documents designed to help protect you
  • Manage any necessary eviction process from start to finish
  • Aggressive rent collection
  • Negotiate renewals tenants
  • Process property invoices
  • Reliable accounting, offering income and expense statements in any format

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What are your fees?

Monthly management fee – 8.5% – 10% of monthly rent
Tenant placement fee – ½ month rent if we are managing property; full month if we are not
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How long have you been managing properties?

Our Director of Property Management, Jennifer Staub, has nearly 20 years of experience managing properties.
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What is your tenant selection process?

We complete a comprehensive background check on all applicants including:

  • Credit check
  • Criminal background check
  • Employment verification
  • Previous landlord verification

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How do you handle tenants who don’t pay their rent on time?

Rent is due the first of every month. Tenants who do not pay their rent by the fifth of every month, will first be sent a notice. This notice reminds them that they have X amount of days to pay their rent in full before we file an eviction notice. If rent still is not paid, a formal eviction notice will be filed and steps will be taken to evict those tenants.
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How do you handle maintenance requests?

We offer maintenance requests to be submitted through our website or by phone with a 24/7 emergency maintenance service.
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What reports and/or technology do I have access to?

You will have access to our Owners Portal which allows you to send invoices, view annual performance reports, etc.
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