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4 Advertising Tips to Attract Tenants to Your York Rental Property

Your job as a landlord is not limited to rent collection. In fact, you also have to take on the roles of maintenance worker, customer service representative, inspector, and even property marketer. Knowing how to advertise your vacant rental property may not be something that you are good at. Perhaps this part of owning rental…
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6 Amazing Tips for Adding Curb Appeal to Your York Rental Property

First impressions matter to prospective tenants seeing your York, PA rental property for the first time. That’s why trying to envision your rental from the viewpoint of a tenant is crucial to boosting its curb appeal. You probably love your property and feel it is perfect for anyone that wants to live there. However, this…
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Benefits of Using a Property Management Company

So, you purchased another property to supplement your income by renting it out. Except, you didn’t bargain for those “less than ideal” tenants and all of the time you have had to spend away from your family taking care of the problems that arise. It’s not only affecting your personal happiness, but also your overall health because of the additional stress. It may be time to consider reaching out to a reputable property management company. Here are a few of the top reasons owners, like yourself, use a property management company:

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