York H-G HOA Properties, LLC

York H-G Properties fully understands the difference between managing single family homes, apartment communities and HOA’s. Unlike tenants, homeowners cannot be evicted if they fail to follow the rules, thus your property management company must be diplomatic and tough. They must be able to handle the politics and conflicts that will occur between different viewpoints.


Differences of opinion are inevitable. Our focus on communication and conflict resolution skills, allows us to be successful in handling the differences that come up. York H-G understands that the HOA board member is also friends and neighbors of the community and conflict resolution can be a less than ideal situation to be put in. Your York H-G Properties management team, takes that away from the HOA board members, and allows us to handle it based on HOA bylaws that are already in place.

York H-G Properties has over 27 years experience in creating budgets and preparing for capital expenditures, which is another very important job of the HOA. We help with this process every step of the way, ultimately making sure there is money for capital improvements as needed.

York H-G Properties is a member of the National Realtors association of York and Adams counties, and we abide by the rules and regulations set forth by this body. Having our Real Estate licenses gives all your community members access to services for all their Real Estate needs.

York H-G Properties uses the latest technology for a quick response to service calls and requests, as well as the ability to pay HOA fees online.

York H-G Properties, offers web services that put your association at the forefront of the community. Your web site can be used for placing announcements, placing work orders, and even capturing signup information for events you may have. All this gives your association a professional look, with the ability to get messages and event announcements out to everyone, and gives them a central location to check out all happenings within their community.

York H-G Properties will attend your board meetings monthly and give monthly financial reports to the board with budget tracking. Reports can be placed on the web site or portal to share with all residents in the community.

So call today at 717-889-0515 to schedule an appointment with one of our agents, and let them show you how York H-G Properties can help you meet all your HOA goals!

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